The Portuguese and German languages have undergone reforms in the new millennium, and in the current decade, the Chinese government has been pressuring Hong Kong to adopt simplified Chinese. These changes, while seemingly cultural in nature, affect all aspects of international business and have a direct impact on the translation industry.

On a recent trip to Animal Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando, I noticed that most of the signage in the Asia area of the park was translated and even the signs that were in English were either written as if translated awkwardly or displayed in an English font that actually looks like an Indic style script. Disney is famous for thinking of every last detail in it’s parks but I was amazed at how language helps create a sense of place.

Around the world, party-goers will chant these words just seconds before the clock strikes 12 a.m. on Jan. 1 under skies filled with fireworks. But there are many lesser-known New Year’s traditions, both old and new, that involve things like house cleaning, molten lead, and even…underwear?