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We know the importance of having an expert voiceover artist for your business materials. We offer voice-over services for any need and budget in over 80 languages. 

What Makes a High-Quality Voice-Over?

Accurate tone, inflection, emotion, pronunciation, timing, and specific regions/locales dialects make a high-quality voice-over. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, AI voice-over would be best for your needs.

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Should You Use AI or Human Voice-Over?

Check out our comprehensive guide to help decide whether AI or human voice-over best suits your project needs.

Human Voiceovers

  • Higher quality than machine voiceover (text-to-speech)
  • Any language/dialect
  • On-screen speakers, interviews
  • Timing critical (On screen speakers, dubbing, multiple people, syncing necessary due to time constraints)
  • Pronunciation is specialized or critical
  • Sensitive topics where a human touch is important
  • Ideal for: interviews, town-hall type videos, multiple voices, eLearning, sensitive topics, animated videos, on-screen speakers

Machine Voiceovers

  • There may be mispronunciations, especially in English or non-native words. Some languages/voices may sound more robotic.
  • Restricted/low budget
  • Timing isn’t critical (not possible to sync timing/voices without a lot of human intervention which will increase costs)
  • Not all languages are offered in TTS. 

  • Ideal for: presentation decks, eLearning slides/courses, short animated videos, and any kind of video that doesn’t require syncing

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