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We are Argo Translation.
Your foreign-language translation department.

A great translation team is hard to find.

It’s not just about converting content from one language to another. You need a team who’s work is based in problem solving, strategic thinking and anticipating future needs. You deserve a team that is reliable, dedicated and personable. A team that leads the industry in technological development. You need the Argo Translation team.

Meet your team

How we do it.

Argo Translation Uses Easy File Transfer Tools

We save you time.

We figure it out. We will find the most efficient solution for your unique project, using translation memory and advanced technology solutions.

Argo’s project managers know the industry software. They know the translators. Established relationships allow them to unravel the most complicated projects. Project managers and translators work together to find the most efficient workflow. Time saved for you.

Translation Memory Savings

We save you money.

Our team knows what to do.We have years of experience in customizing workflows and matching the right linguists to your projects every time.

It’s simple. If it has been translated with Argo, it is in our translation memory. No need to retranslate. Our terminology management software tool stores and remembers translations sentence by sentence. Saves you money and time. Maintains consistency across projects. Updates and revisions just became quicker, easier and less costly.

Translation Project Summary Information

We keep it simple.

You can relax. We will send you a link when your translated files are ready to download. You can access and exchange project files seamlessly through our Box platform.

See it all here. Track your costs and monitor your budgets. With Argo’s quarterly and annual reports, you can see a detailed breakout of your savings, project by project, language by language. And bonus, these reports link to your online project archives. Access to project files anywhere, anytime.

Putting Argo’s capabilities and experience to work for you.


Every language, in every format with linguists suited to every Industry.


Telephonic & On-Site

Any day, at any time, from any location.


On screen, in video, and in any language needed.