4 Reasons To Translate Your Blog

While not every piece of content on your website needs to be translated, translating your blog can be a crucial part of developing your company’s international growth and expansion strategy. By removing the language barrier through professional website translation services, businesses can better connect to global markets, reach diverse audiences, and increase sales.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top reasons to translate your blog so your brand can level up and go global.

#1 Boost SEO

SEO is a major factor in ensuring a website ranks well in search engines like Google which will bring more users to your site. If you want to give your SEO efforts a nice boost, having the blog of your website available in multiple languages is one of the best methods.

For starters, simply having multilingual versions of your website will increase its overall SEO ranking. The best way to do this would be to offer a localized website. This involves not only translating the pages of your site, blog included in the right situation, but also incorporating multilingual SEO—that is, utilizing target keywords in other languages.

Professional translators specialize in website localization and consider cultural elements as well, such as the historical, social, and even political components of a given foreign market. This is the foundation for all other marketing strategies which can have a significant impact on your business.

#2 Increased Ad Revenue

If you’re taking active steps to implement an SEO strategy which might include translating your blog and other areas of your website, one of the perks is that this will result in increased ad revenue for your business. After all, translating content will give your company a greater audience reach, creating more potential for backlink use and blog post sharing.

Optimizing your website so that it is high-performing and SEO-rich will attract advertisers and thus increase ad revenue.

#3 Test for Potential Audiences

While testing may not be top of mind when thinking about the benefits of translating your blog, testing is always an important step that should be factored into any kind of SEO or marketing strategy you’re trying to implement.

Testing is a great way to understand opportunities for new audiences. For example, you might not know if your content could be relevant and popular in foreign countries or regions if you’re not testing specific types of content. As a business, you want to remember that the United States isn’t even the #1 country when it comes to the number of internet users. China holds the top position, followed by India.

Translating your website will help tap into these markets and test the waters, potentially driving more traffic to your website.

#4 Generate Brand Trust

When it comes to consumer influence, did you know that blogs rank higher than most other types of content? While you might assume that users find professional content like white papers, case studies, and press releases to be the most trustworthy, the truth is people find blogs to be much more credible.  

By translating your blog, you’re shaping the opinions of consumers and gaining their trust. Blogs, unlike website copy, feel less like propaganda and a sales pitch compared to blogs, which generally have a more genuine feel.

Keeping blogs up-to-date and relevant is great for SEO and also keeps readers interested. Start translating your blogs to multiple languages to expand your audience reach and build brand trust.

Translate Your Blog

Translating even just the blog of a website can be an exhaustive process, especially since you can no longer use Google Translate for websites and other machine translation engines simply cannot translate content accurately. Hiring the right web translation specialists can have a huge impact on the overall growth of your business in a global market.

Remember, when it comes to websites, the game is mass—you want the largest audience possible. Translating your blog will serve to open more segments of potential readers, so get started!


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