Get Access To Premium Talent

Get Access To Premium Talent

We’re committed to finding the right talent for you. You can trust us to exceed expectations and match you with a voice that’s the perfect fit. It’s not our first time at the translation rodeo. We’ve been building on our translation expertise since 1995 and have gathered a team of over 1,000 actors—we can assure you that the right person for your project is waiting on the Argo bench.

We have a detailed process for selecting our voice-over actors by first gathering audio samples. They’re then passed through a bilingual checker or producer to ensure all cues and pronunciations are correct.

Regardless of the scope of your project, we ensure quality and timely delivery of your final product.

Common video translation projects we work on are:

E-learning projects
State-of-the-company addresses
Training videos
Ethics and compliance videos
Sexual harassment and data security trainings
Software recordings and audio prompts