Bruno Passeri

Senior Software Developer

Bruno joined Argo Translation in February 2024, bringing extensive experience and a passion for technology. His fascination with technology began at age 2, playing video games like 'Frogger.' By age 10, he was exploring development and reverse engineering on his 80286 computer. At 14, he taught himself x86 Assembly using college textbooks and later studied Computer Engineering at Università di Pisa, where he developed an interest in the Demoscene. Before joining Argo Translation, Bruno was a Senior Engineer at The Forge VTT, where he developed tools for players and administrative management of the virtual tabletop platform. His technical skills are complemented by hobbies such as music composition, martial arts, novel writing, book design, graphic art, and video production. In his free time, Bruno enjoys streaming, playing video games, and participating in tabletop RPGs.