Peter Argondizzo


Peter founded Argo Translation, originally based in Milwaukee, WI, in 1995. Prior to transferring his love of all things international and his savvy business expertise into Chicago's premier translation agency, he attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he graduated with a major in finance and human resource management. After graduation he went on to become an Italian translator and project manager for an international medical equipment manufacturer and major airline.

Peter grew up in a home steeped in Italian tradition, a language which he spoke and in which eventually became fluent. In his nontranslation life, and when he’s not busy overseeing company operations, Peter travels, goes for an energetic neighborhood run, and enjoys hanging out with his wife and son. He has also coached the local Little League baseball teams.

Uncomplicated, proficient, and reliable. As he is at home, he is at work: a real approachable person.