Mark Walker


Mark has been a technology enthusiast his entire life. In his early teens, he built a ball grabber with Legos on top of a remote control car for his friend who had recently suffered a broken leg. This allowed the friend to still play with his dog and gave Mark valuable insight into the power of simple systems having a profound impact on those around him. Fast forward 20 plus years: He earned degrees in robotics and software engineering, and a master’s in marketing. While those systems have gotten a little more complex, Mark’s same desire to build tools to bring a smile to others is still as strong as it was all those years ago.

Mark has worked with Argo Translation since 2007, coming from an IT Security and Managed Services background, with more than 10 years of experience in integrating cloud technologies to improve process efficiency and ensure rigid quality standards. His focus within our group is to ensure that Argo Translation is always at the head of the curve of technology best-practice and that our clients are delighted with their translation and their overall experience. When Mark isn’t at the computer or on the phone, he can be found playing Legos with his son, passing on the joy of creation without limits, and trying to not step on all those little pieces.