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Our website translation services increase your engagement and make your work accessible to more people than ever.

Our connected world demands increased communication. And businesses come to us for website translation services for 1 of 2 reasons: to better engage with employees or to make their products and services accessible to an international, multilingual audience. Either way, we’re here and ready. Since 1995, we’ve built our translation team to more than 300 translators around the world who work in whatever language you need.

Ready to make your website content available to people who speak other languages? Whether you want to translate an intranet to better connect with employees or translate your public-facing site to engage more customers, our translators are ready for you.
Start by calling us or connecting us with your web team. We’ll want to hear the details of your project, including what your language goals are and the type of CMS you use to update your site. Additionally, we’ll make sure you have a plan in place to respond to increased engagement in whichever languages you’re targeting.

If this seems at all overwhelming, don’t worry. We have more than 20 years of experience in website content translation. Your project manager and translators will address any concerns you have every step of the way.

Plus, our CMS Connect system makes it easier than ever for you to manage your content translation in only a few clicks—no long hours of copying and pasting content. And our Translation Memory program stores your translated projects for future reference and inclusion. This makes the overall website content translation process faster, requiring only updates in the future, without having to re-do the existing translation.

When preparing for website translation services, keep in mind that the number of pages and your site’s complexity play into how much time our translators will need. Most of the websites we translate require at least a month of work on our part, but if a site contains only a few pages to translate, you can expect a much faster turn around.

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I think it’s a fact that the team stays up with technology. We’ve branched out now into doing a lot of translations for our Internet, our employee Internet. The fact that the Argo team is familiar with web technology, they’re able to take the translation product and then put it into a format that the web developers can use, that’s important. It seems like whenever there are new technologies, the Argo team is on top of them, and that’s what keeps me coming back. Chuck Wright

Director of Communications, A.O. Smith

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