Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services

Having great translation is important, but your message can get lost if the content isn’t properly displayed. Let Argo set your content into a layout that works for any language. Multilingual Desktop Publishing services are essential to the success of any graphics-oriented project, and we can handle both the translation and the page formatting to ensure a seamless localization process.

Argo has extensive experience with formatting and localizing all forms of digital content, from user manuals to web pages, we’ve handled it all. With translation memory, we can save you time and money from project to project by identifying and discounting repetitive phrases. This feature is perfect for any materials that are updated frequently with consistent content.

We support all the popular desktop publishing programs on both the Mac and Windows platforms.


Reach out to our team to discuss the most efficient way to translate your content and retain your original design. We support the most popular programs as well as some older programs like Pagemaker.

  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • QuarkXPress

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They are without a doubt–and I’ve seen firsthand how other translation companies work. I know that I can hand that file off to the Argo team, and it’s going to come back as–it’s going to come back clean. It’s going to be exactly how I asked for it. If it’s an InDesign file that was pushed out, I got the InDesign file back. Their desktop publishers have cleaned it up for me. Everything’s dropped in, ready to go. There’s never been an issue where something was just missed. Jason Gantner

Production Manager, Nelson Schmidt

Your project requires Multilingual Desktop Publishing. Put our team to work.

Our expert translators start as soon as you need them, working within timelines that fit your needs.
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