Case Study

SC Johnson Wax

Translate – Interpret – Proofread – Time Sensitive


SC Johnson came to Argo with what seemed like an overwhelming task – translate and independently proofread vital worldwide employee communications while also translating valuable market research that had been accrued in multiple countries. This included real-time customer interviews and surveys that needed to be translated as quickly as possible.


The team at Argo utilized their handpicked, project specific team of translators and project managers to manage the entire translation and interpretation process from start to finish. In the end, hundreds of hours of market research was translated on time and well within SC Johnson’s internal timeline.Efficient management of interpreters and sound engineers along with studio resources lead to a significant decline in cost over the lifespan of the six month project.

Annual Savings


Research Translated

600 Hrs

Cost Decrease



“I’ve found Argo Translation to be very responsive and accommodating to our needs. Your translations are accurate, timely, and reasonable and your customer service is exceptional.”

Alexandra Pasher, Marketing Coordinator

SC Johnson Wax

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