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When it comes to health care and instructional resources, highly accurate translations are an absolute necessity to maintain patient safety.

Cardiac Science approached Argo Translation with a highly important and time sensitive project—translate a widely used defibrillator instruction manual into 18 different languages as fast as possible while maintaining original intent and accuracy.

In addition, strict regulatory requirements needed to be followed to ensure the project met the high quality standards for medical device manufacturers.


The team utilized a custom web-based software solution to provide full transparency on the project including translation memory, terminology and key project data. The proprietary Regulatory Compliance Platform (RCP) provided revision control for every major progression point and every contributor had access to the project’s translation memory and terminology databases.

Reports were generated that document each contributor by language, key financial data, project timelines and legal certification of the project’s accuracy; all of which could be accessed through a report summary in the client’s online portal. In the end, the project was completed within regulatory requirements and ahead of schedule.


“When you become an integral part of the review process, it makes it easier for the company’s and vendor’s teams to collaborate. We are pleased to have Argo’s expertise and advanced technology backing our translation efforts.”

Tim Leggett, Senior Technical Writer
Cardiac Science