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Comprehensive eBooks

Client Review eBook

Does your company or client require internal review of translation projects? Learn the skills and knowledge necessary to make internal reviewers successful.

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Translation in Education eBook

Learn how the education industry contends with language barriers for students and their families and how translation services companies can help.

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Glossaries for Translation Projects eBook

Creating a translation glossary is vital for maintaining consistency between projects. Learn why and how to build your perfect glossary with our full ebook.

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Product Information Systems eBook

Product Information Systems are vital for many businesses. Find out how globalizing this information can benefit you and your clients.

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Telephonic Interpretation eBook

Learn the ins and outs of telephonic interpretation, one of the easiest and most cost effective methods of conducting international business.

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10 Things to Consider with Translation Projects eBook

Find out the most important elements of taking on a translation project and what you need to know about each to make it a success.

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Website Translation eBook

In a globalized world, website translation is becoming an increasingly important part of business strategy. This comprehensive ebook will show you exactly why.

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Help system translation eBook

MadCap Flare™ gives help system authors a wealth of tools that help simplify their content translation process. Learn six strategies for using MadCap Flare™ to successfully completing your project.

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Translation Translated Video Series

Translation Confidential Podcast

Yes, we have our own podcast!

Tune into Translation Confidential on Anchor.fm to hear hosts Peter Argondizzo and Patrick Daley discuss the latest developments in the translation services industry, best practices for translation projects and interesting facts about languages around the world.

Check out an episode below and

view all Translation Confidential episodes here!

Google Translate and the Pitfalls of Machine Translation

by Translation Confidential

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