Aligning Parents, Children & Educators

When it comes to education, all children deserve equal opportunities for success. And the success of multilingual students often depends on the ability of schools to translate vital documents for parents and students. If your school system doesn't have the internal resources to translate information to the native language of parents and students, Argo is here to help.

We assist with clear and deliberate translations—helping to bridge any gaps that previously existed between the classroom and home.

Together, we’ll make sure that what happens at school gets seamlessly and accurately communicated to student’s biggest champions—their parents and guardians.

Connecting The Dots

Cut down on frustration and excessive time trying to ensure that parents are on the same page as their children.

Accomplish and achieve more when you work with our translators and interpreters, who specialize in:

  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Permission slips, school materials, memos, and emergency alerts
  • IEP plans and Title III compliance
  • Telephonic interpretation

We store all of your documents in our database, so updating them is quick and easy.

Unlimited Availability

Speak with an expert translator on demand, anytime you need, 24/7.

We understand that when you need help, you need it right away. Most languages don’t require pre-scheduling. Simply give us a call and get access to an interpreter in under 30 seconds.