Why is it more efficient to wait until all text is ready before submitting for translation?

In the business world it may seem that faster is always better and that there is always a rush to finish the translation project.

At times in the rush to get a product out the door, the text being provided for translation isn’t really complete. It may seem like it will save time to get the project to translation as quickly as possible but, in the end, this process will take more time and will cost more.

Agencies all have minimum fees and those can be avoided in many cases by organizing your projects and making sure your source text is in its final state. A translation budget can quickly become exhausted if additions or changes are being requested after a project has already begun. Adding text after a project has started will increase fees and the turnaround time. The project will have to be temporarily stopped while the Project Manager updates files, reanalyzes the scope and adjusts the sales order. Therefore, time that could be spent finishing the translation is being wasted.

As the saying goes… A little preparation goes a long way. It will save you time and money to organize your projects before requesting translations. Usually translation is the last step, so it would be best to be sure to only send text for translation that is final and complete.