Wake Forest University now offering Master of Arts in Interpreting and Translation Studies

Wake Forest University, located in North Carolina, announced on their website January 27th that they will now be offering a new Master of Art in Interpreting and Translation Studies.

This is a clear sign of the growing importance of the translation industry. As we have covered in the past, a lot of people don’t fully comprehend what a language service provider does or why we are relevant. This article is validation for the important work carried out by the translation industry. The article discusses the growing need for properly trained linguists.

Wake Forest’s new program focuses on medical translation, which is a growing concern all over the United States. Medical professionals across the country are faced with patients speaking many different languages . Hospitals and medical facilities must be ready to have an on-site interpreter or a trusted translation service to assist in caring for these patients. Medical information is often sensitive and must be handled by a professional and Wake Forest’s program is teaching it’s students those concepts.

The program, which was developed by two professors in the Romantic Languages Department, will have input from the Language School as well as the School of Medicine and the School of Business so that candidates have a well-rounded exposure to translation needs in various fields.

The part of the article I found most interesting is a quote from one of the professors that will be teaching in the new Masters program: “It’s not enough to know anatomy and biology to be a doctor, so why would simply being bilingual be enough to be a medical interpreter? Medical interpreters are professionals who are part of the healthcare team.”

Hopefully this new Master of Arts in Interpreting and Translation Studies is a sign that the world is starting to understand the growing need for translators and interpreters. as well as Language Service Providers.