Typo3 CMS uses easy integration with Across

There is a great open source CMS called Typo3 that utilizes a built in translation manager to package and prepare content for use with language service providers.

One of our clients has begun using the open source tool for managing all of their web content and upon review of the tool our client discovered that a built in translation manager makes the localization process very easy. The tool has predefined configuration files for use with all of the most popular Translation Management Systems including the system we use (Across Language Server). These configuration files make it possible for the client to quickly send the content they want translated with all of the information required to expedite a quotation and translation of the content.

One of the most time-consuming things to do in preparing a CMS project for translation is to map the XML tags in the clients files to the translation management system. This mapping is also the most important step in properly handling a client’s project. If the tags are improperly mapped you risk corruption of your content, translation memory loss, exclusion of text meant for translation and of course delays in the launch of your content. The configuration files included in the Typo3 CMS export make this a very easy process!

From the client perspective you can choose very specific portions of your site for translation, export to a web based translation platform or export translation friendly XML or Excel files. Upon completion of the translation the files are easily imported back into the system completing the translation process.

It is very refreshing to see a CMS that uses a workflow for translation that was designed with obvious input from those of us tasked with handling the translations! We hope to see more Typo3 CMS projects soon!