Top ten things you hear when you say you work at a Translation Agency

Here is a list our team compiled of the most common answers we get when we tell people we work at a Translation Agency

    1. A what?
    2. Oh, how many languages do you speak?
    3. Your office must be huge with all those translators working there!
    4. Oh, like Google?
    5. My sister took Spanish in grade school, are you hiring?
      5a. My nanny is from Lithuania, are you hiring?
    6. Like when someone stands in the front of the room doing sign language?
    7. Well, that’s interesting…(blank stare included)
    8. Can’t I just use a computer to do that?
    9. I had no idea that was a job?!
    10. So what does a transportation agency do? What do you transport?

So you might ask, why exactly is this funny……We don’t exactly transport anything unless you consider transporting our bodies to and from work every morning. Translation is done by professional linguists with formal education in either their discipline (medicine, law, etc), linguistics or their language. Yes, this is a real job handled by thousands of professional linguists around the globe in formal organizations like the American Translators Association. Yes, the ATA even has an accreditation exam and continuing education programs. And finally, No, simply being from a country or having some rudimentary grasp of the language does not qualify you to be a translator.