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Translation Memory Global Search Instructions

The Translation Memory Global Search Tool is meant to assist you in finding complete sentences or complete phrases you can use for small updates or revisions. We believe this tool to be very useful when you just need one sentence, one bullet or one software string to complete a project. 

We can’t stress enough that you should never pick and choose words out of sentences to complete a translated sentence. Picking and choosing words will lead to errors. Most translated languages require gender and number agreement, proper conjugation of verbs and many languages also require different types of declensions (endings) for nouns and adjectives (e.g. Finnish).

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about how to use the tool!

1) Watch this quick video to get a general idea on how to use the Argo TM Global Search function.

2) Use the More Options feature to execute a more targeted search.

You can choose from items that were previously set to a specific status, have comments, have bookmarks or completed within a specific time frame.  

translation memory search more options

3) Export a set of segments or the whole memory in a few simple clicks. 

translation memory segments instructions

4) Add a comment, add a bookmark or view properties and history using the icons to the right of each entry. 

translation memory search comments instructions

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