Ten Things to Consider for Medical Device Translation

The team at Argo recently released Ten things to consider for medical device translation. The document is available in the iTunes store and also on Argo’s website.

Our team has been providing translation services to the medical device industry since 1995. We have participated in hundreds of successful product launches, and we have translated millions of words in support of these efforts. The experience we have gained over the years led us to put together this document that lists ten key considerations when tackling your next translation project for the medical device industry.

Some of the topics discussed are:

    • Text expansion
    • Use proper register for your audience
    • Understanding how translation memory works
    • How to choose a translation vendor
    • How to handle your UI/Software projects
    • Website and app translation
    • Requirements for managing an internal review
    • Best practices for regulatory reporting

We hope the document is helpful and gives you a head start on your next project!

Please contact us to submit any additional topics you would like to see covered in the next release.

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