Telephonic Interpretation in the Legal Field

The telephonic interpretation (TI) service has a wide variety of applications. The speed in which you can be connected to a professional interpreter of any number of languages makes it desirable in many professional fields, one of which is the legal field.

From an attorney’s office to a courtroom, TI can play a critical role in how limited English proficient (LEP) individuals navigate the legal system. For example, many attorneys depend on TI for research and analysis in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). TI is the ideal service as many M&A interviews and business deals involve people in different geographies who do not share the same language. Professional interpretation is essential for each party to understand the legal details in such deals. The most efficient way to conduct this business is over the telephone.

Many attorneys also rely on TI for hearings, depositions, consultations, arbitration, and judicial proceedings. TI often makes the most sense in these legal applications as it is more cost-effective than having an in-person interpreter present.

In courtroom situations, TI is convenient and helps avoid excessive delay by advancing routine matters through the system. It is especially helpful when the language spoken by the LEP is not as common. The use of a TI professional also reduces the risk of a possible conflict of interest. Existing familial, social, or professional relationships may compromise the neutrality of the proceeding when a professional third-party interpreter is not included in the process. Professional interpretation eliminates that potential conflict, as their role is to help remove the linguistic barriers (including bias) that impede an LEP individual from equal justice under the law.

The TI service is also commonly used at the court information desk or clerk’s counter when an LEP individual pays a fee or files a document. It typically involves a quick interaction that is more easily handled with TI than an in-person interpreter.

At Argo, we have flexible interpretation services – including TI – to meet your needs. Visit our blog to see how the TI service is used in other industries including healthcare, emergency rooms, and call centers, and human resources departments.


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