Smaller LSPs offer advantages

Choosing a smaller language service provider often results in a better translation quality and a positive customer experience.

Bigger translation companies often tout low rates and super quick turnaround. This makes sense considering they may have an extensive linguist database, resulting in translators competing to get projects. In addition to offering a lower rate, some linguists may claim to handle a variety of specialties or be generalists. This isn’t always the best choice. Here at Argo, we develop strong relationships with a smaller set of linguists, becoming very familiar with their translation abilities and delivery performance. We match up the linguists with 1-2 areas in which they specialize and make sure their abilities are appropriate matches for the projects that we assign them. Because we have an extensive linguist vetting process and we invest time into ensuring the appropriate linguists are used for any given project’s nature, we are keep consistency in using the same translator/editor team for a particular client and/or product line. This is a great advantage for product updates and new materials from an existing client.

More translators will result in better quality. Over time, translators become intimately familiar with the writing styles, tone, and messaging of their clients. Think of them as drivers who become increasingly familiar with the same route, and therefore can drive it more adeptly and quickly. Translators are not interchangeable. Generally, if the same translator – or the same small group of translators – is not used repeatedly for projects, consistency begins to slip, and the translations actually sound like they have different voices and styles. If you have recurring projects, you’ll want to make sure to work with a dedicated team of people who become highly familiar with your source content, whether you’re working with individual translators or an agency that assigns them on your behalf.