Recovering old translation projects

When putting together a plan to archive old translation projects for easy access you always think you are doing the right thing but the true test is how quickly you can find the old data. I am glad one of our old clients tested us this week!

We handle an average of 1500 projects each year. That means that over the last 16 years in business we have handled approximately 24,000 assignments.

Without the proper organization of the projects and a sound plan for storing the data, finding old projects would be a nightmare.

Earlier this week a client called looking for a project from 2005. She provided her original document as reference. By using her last name and some keywords from the assignment I found her document in less than 10 minutes.

Having quick access to old projects is an valuable commodity for our projects managers and clients. Some of our clients even ask for annual archives of all their projects.

We are working on a cloud based solution that would give our clients real time access to their source and target files through our customer center. You will hear more about the solution soon!