There are a few things you should expect from a translation quote as provided by a language service provider. A two word description and a price is not a real translation quote, period.

From time to time a client will share a competitive proposal with us. That is extremely helpful to make sure we are providing the best value to our clients from a pricing perspective. It also helps us understand if we are providing enough transparency. One of our core values is to make the complex simple. Pricing for translation projects can be confusing. Here is some information on how we try to take the mystery out of translation pricing.

Here is what we recently discovered when being compared to another vendor. The competitor provided this as their proposal:

Not terribly descriptive. What is professional translation? Is editing included? What steps will they complete in the process?

So here are the main parts of our proposal.

Slightly more descriptive right? Here is part 2.

And this is far better than just providing a total cost isn’t it?

Here are the elements any good translation quote will contain.

  • A complete description of the services provided including details regarding the translation process, for example is the project being translated by humans or machine translation
  • A complete breakdown on the number of words, number of repetitions, number of 100% matches, context matches and fuzzy matches
  • A detailed breakdown of the costs and discounts associated with translation memory savings
  • A set timeline for the delivery of final files
  • A definition of the deliverables

These are the minimum requirements for a proper translation quote.

If you want to learn more about translation pricing and other important topics related to proper translation management please download our recently published e-book on the topic.

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