Prioritization of translation memory resources


If your team has specific resources or translation memory assets that might have conflicting terminology you can very easily reorder them in a project so that the assets are leveraged in the order of importance that you set.

Here is the scenario where this typically happens. Let’s say that we have a medical device manufacturer with four divisions. Two of those divisions use differing terminology for 10 key terms. The challenge is that in order to maximize savings, the company would like to use the terminology specific to their division but not give up translation memory matches that exist in the master or company-wide translation memory.

There is an easy fix for that issue. Our translation memory technology allows you to prioritize your translation assets in their order of importance. If we use the example from the image above, each segment in the project will look for matches in the memory specific to the first line of business, then the master memory.

This can be set up for as many assets as you would like to include. You simply reorder the assets in the order specific to your project. Here is what it looks like in our system: