Medical Device Translation: More Than Meeting Requirements

It’s no secret to those who work in the medical devices industry: translation of safety information is required. Aside from meeting the requirements, translation just makes sense.

How would you feel if your doctor were using equipment whose materials were only available in Swedish? Imagine trying to use an OTC product when the instructions were written completely in Chinese.

By being invested in the translation process, medical device companies not only have the users’ best interests at heart, but they can also improve their product’s chance of success in an international market.

    • Global markets continue to grow in importance; many companies rely heavily on sales from international markets
    • An internationalized product will increase usability – and saleability – in the target country.
    • Proper translations decrease the room for misunderstanding and user error, thereby reducing the likelihood of liability problems.
    • A well-translated product will reflect positively on the medical device company.
    • A properly translated product will also give the impression that your company is serious about the target country. Some firms do the absolute minimum to get by and only satisfy requirements. Engage your customers in their native language.

Planning Ahead is Key

Planning ahead will make the translation process more time- and cost-effective.
Ask how to translate rather than why. Ask questions until you completely understand the process.

  1. Don’t wait until the final stages of development to address the translation process.
  2. Allow for translation expenses at the initial development stage and also throughout the life of the product, to accommodate product updates and revisions.
  3. Get a quality translation the first time. It could cost you more to have a bad translation “fixed” than it would have cost to use a high-quality provider from the start. Plus you will be facing product launch delays and lost revenue while the translation is redone.


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