Mac based TMX viewer

Just this week one of our long time clients asked “How can I view our translation memory as reference when I build new projects?”

There is no easy answer to this question. Typically you need to have some type of translation management software to do anything with a TM database. Another issue is that most open source, inexpensive or free tools run on Windows or Unix. This presents an even tougher problem since our client runs a large design department with 12 designers, all on Macs!

Enter Jost Zetzsche, author of the very helpful “The Tool Kit“. I asked Jost if he could recommend a good but simple Mac based translation memory viewer app and he had a great recommendation. XOterm is an incredibly easy tool to use. Simply download the app and install it on your Mac. Drag your TMX file into the top most window to load the file. Now simply type your search words in the search window and all instances of the word or phrase will appear in the results windows below.

Very easy tool to use and very effective if all you need to do is look up terminology in your TM database. Thanks Jost for the tip!