12.28.2012 by Tamara Wagner

ISO 9001:2008 audit completed again for Argo Translation!

I have discussed our ISO 9001:2008 audit results in previous posts for 2011, 2010 and 2009. We just completed our 2012 audit with the same great results!

This is our fourth straight year of zero non-conformance findings. We didn’t even get any suggestions for improvement. Our quality system typically generates good results because our team is obsessed with reducing friction in the translation process. In our monthly staff meetings, the first order of business is to discuss open process improvement projects and then start new projects. Most of these projects create new features and tools for our clients. Here is a list of improvements for this year:

    • New fulfillment script allows us to deliver projects to clients via our accounting system while also providing a link to all project resources on Box
    • Added shared notes area to vendors and customers so all employees can better manage specific preferences and special notes about each customer
    • Added vendor skills and details tracking section, allowing us to choose the best translator and editor for each project more quickly
    • Added automated rebate functionality which allows us to provide recurring customers with rebates based on their monthly level of spending
    • Added automated monthly billing, allowing us to consolidate invoices for clients that do a large number of projects each month
    • Added a key integration of our accounting system to our customer relationship management system, eliminating double entry of data and sharing important data from the moment we start our relationship with a customer through their first transaction
    • Added automated welcome customer kit so that each new customer can receive important information about our services, company directory and access to the customer portal in our system
    • Added an automated telephonic interpretation agreement so that we can get our customer accounts activated faster
    • Added hyperlinks to all project references in quarterly report which will then link back to projects in Box

In terms of key project data for the year, we managed over 1,500 projects. Our on-time delivery percentage was 99.6%, and we were early on approximately 7% of all projects. When we completed projects early, we typically delivered early by approximately 2 days.

We are all looking forward to tackling new projects for our clients in 2013. A big thanks to my team for great work!