The Importance of International Translation Day

Every September 30th the world stops to celebrate International translation day. Well maybe not everybody stops….but maybe everybody should. Translation plays an incredibly important part of our modern society. Translators and interpreters eliminate the barrier of language every day.

These proud men and women are spread across the globe in large city centers, small towns and even on the front lines of war and conflict. If not for their efforts important information wouldn’t be exchanged by teachers, human resources professionals, law enforcement officers, physicians, pharmacists, marketing professionals, soldiers and many others.

Can you imagine the economic burden on the world if these individuals were not deployed in force all over the world?

This year marks the 21st year of our firm. Our team helps customers all over the world to better engage with their customers and their employees. We are very thankful for the opportunity to help our clients with more than 2,000 projects per year. We are all humbled by the economic impact those projects have in our client’s organizations on a daily basis.

From all the staff at Argo, thank you for your trust.