How much work goes into a large narration project?

I recently quoted an 18-language narration and translation project for a corporate video.

The scope of the project included providing translation timed to the English video and audio, providing the narrator, sound engineer and studio. The video was a short 2-minute video, but it still involved managing a lot of people!

The client had never done a project of this magnitude and was a little shocked at the cost and timeline, so I thought it would make sense to explain what sort of effort is required on a project this size.

There are a lot of moving parts to this project. Here is an interesting way of thinking about this type of project, which you may not have considered. In order to accomplish this project we will need a number of people:

    • 18 translators – 1 hour
    • 18 editors – 1hour
    • 18 voices – 1 hour
    • 1 audio engineer – 18 hours of studio time, 18 hours of editing and project clean up, 4 hours of miscellaneous file organization

Therefore, this project would require about 96 labor hours and 55 different people (18 translators, 18 editors, 18 narrators and 1 audio engineer).

Providing professional voice-over and narration services requires a solid understanding of the proper steps and relationships with the proper people.