FAQ for WordBee

Here is a quick list of FAQ for Wordbee translation management system.

Q: How do I change the shortcuts keys?

A: You can easily remap all of the shortcut keys to match your favorite application. One of our translators remapped everything to the shortcuts he uses in Trados. This is a simple procedure. You cam modify the key combinations in Preferences>Shortcuts (see below).

Q; Can I work outside of the system if necessary?

A; While we do not recommend you work outside of the system, you do have the option to download an XLIFF file and work in a different CAT tool. The downside is that you will not have access to the TM for deep concordance searches.

Q: How do I do a concordance search?

A: The default shortcut key is Alt P to search on phrases, Alt M would search for terms in the termbase (if there is one installed for the client). Alt E brings up the search window in case you want to type in a search.

Q: I am getting somewhat erratic behavior when it comes to matches coming into the segments. Any thoughts?

A: This typically happens when something is blocking the communication between your browser and the server. You must add the URL to your safe sites in the browser. If you are using a firewall you may need to add the site to your exceptions in the firewall as well. A quick Google search with the name of your browser or firewall and the phrase “add to safe sites” should bring up the instructions on how to handle this.

Q: So, unlike in the other tools, going to the next segment and confirming a segment are always 2 different steps, correct? For example, in Trados I use Set/Close next Open/Get, in Across it is Crtl Alt Down, in Wordfast it is Alt Down. How does this work in WordBee? Does the status of a segment matter in terms of the memory?

A: In WordBee, the confirmation is not necessary. Immediately after a segment is saved it can be reused in the project memory.
The status Red, Neutral and Green is used by the QA to highlight segments having quality issues. eg. the QA will mark the segment in Red if it found a misplaced formatting tag. And so you can force the status to Green if it is intentional.