Since Windows XP is rapidly approaching end of life, our IT folks are busy transitioning all of our workstations to Windows 7.

We clung to Windows XP longer that anticipated because of its stability with foreign language fonts. Most of us that have used XP are familiar with how easy it is to enable code pages, East Asian language support, complex script/right-to-left languages and all the various keyboards through the regional and language options in the control panel.

Well, just a warning, this isn’t a default choice in Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional. You can compare versions of Windows on the MS Site. The version of Windows 7 that comes with the language packs included is the Ultimate version.

However, as opposed to previous versions of the Microsoft operating system, you can easily upgrade from version to version and just pay the difference in cost. For example, if you purchase Windows 7 professional you can easily upgrade to Ultimate. Microsoft has a short video explaining this on their site.

You can learn more about the language packs in Windows 7 in this post from Microsoft.

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