E-Book Series: Part 6 – Website Translation

As a company grows internationally, there are many considerations from a marketing perspective that affect translation needs. One big area is a company’s website. As global expansion occurs in business, that expansion carries over into the webspace. New logistical needs arise like managing and storing product data information and translations. The needs will be different for each company, but knowing what options exist will help you decide the best way to accomplish your goals and improve your global web presence.

We released an ebook about expanding your web presence internationally. The ebook will walk you through how to make your website global and what considerations will need to be made. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Global strategy
  • Domain names
  • Website routing
  • International SEO
  • Multi-lingual search capabilities
  • Building a translation process
  • Choosing the right content management system

Download the full ebook below:


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