E-Book Series: Part 2 – 10 Things to Consider with Translation Projects

Translation projects range in size and complexity, but there are always important considerations to make prior to starting a project. From working with the right vendor, to considering how translated text will affect the layout of the final documents, understanding these details from the beginning will help a translation project run more smoothly.

In an effort to pick out the most important aspects of this process, we recently released an ebook detailing the top ten considerations for translation projects.

This ebook will help you:

  • Evaluate quotes from translation service providers
  • Determine localization needs
  • Set up UI projects
  • Identify regional considerations
  • Obtain internal approvals and reviews
  • Ensure proper translation memory
  • and more

Starting a translation project may seem like a daunting task but this ebook will go a long way to dispelling a lot of fear and uncertainty while also helping to achieve the best possible end result for your organization and clients.

This ebook is available for download here: