E-Book Series: Part 3 – Product Information Systems

One issue that many companies face is how to manage product data. One solution is a Product Information Management (PIM) system, which is a tool that centrally manages product data to support various business needs. For example, a PIM can help a manufacturer share their product data with distributors, or help an e-commerce website make the products they sell on their site as appealing as possible. Incomplete and inconsistent data as well as overlapping resources are often the results of not having a PIM. Aside from being a tool to manage product information, a PIM is also a strategy and a process that helps you take control of and leverage product data.

We recently released an ebook about globalizing product content with a PIM. This is an important, often complex issue that many businesses face. The ebook serves as a guide that can help you determine whether or not your business needs a PIM. In addition, it will touch on points such as leveraging translation services with a PIM and making the strategic decision to implement a PIM.

Download the ebook below: