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E-Book Series: Part 5 – Building a Glossary for Translation Projects

Creating a glossary is an important step in any translation project. It makes sure the customer’s needs are met and also adds consistency from one project to another. This is especially true when the material is very technical or very specific terminology is used in the customer’s industry. Certain industries use a lot of jargon, which can make translation complex. It can also increase the likelihood that translation errors and inconsistencies will occur.

We recently released an ebook about building a glossary for translation projects. The ebook examines the key benefits to creating a glossary and walks through the steps to create it. You will learn:

  • The time cost savings involved in creating a translation glossary
  • Steps to successfully build a translation glossary
  • Review any approvals necessary for a translation glossary
  • How to maintain a translation glossary after it has been created

Download the full ebook below: