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Center for Translation Studies Faculty and Students Visit Argo Translation

Last week, the entire faculty and a group of graduate students from the University of Illinois’s  Center for Translation Studies (CTS) made the trek from Champaign to Glenview to visit Argo Translation. The group from CTS participated in a group discussion and a series of presentations about careers in translation and interpretation.

The day started with a Remote Interpreting demo by David Medrano, Co-Founder of InterpreNet. David used the Interprefy platform which allowed all of the meeting attendees to log in to the session using an app on their mobile devices and a set of earbuds. David performed a simultaneous interpretation and then answered questions from the crowd.

David’s presentation prompted some great questions about the role of machine learning and interpretation. The discussion that followed between the CTS students, faculty, and David covered many of the crucial points regarding the limitations of technology today and what is likely possible as the technology improves in the future.

The production team at Argo, led by Production Manager Kimberly Miller, started the day with a module covering valuable tips for prospective Project Managers. The presentation detailed important “do’s” and “don’ts” of seeking employment with a translation service company. The second part of the session focused on how freelance translators can improve their odds of earning work from translation service firms.

Project Manager Morgan Reyes, a new addition to the Argo Team, covered her experience during the hiring process and discussed what to expect as a new project manager. She shared the challenges of learning the company’s core values and mission, learning new technology and putting her education to work in a meaningful way at Argo.

Patrick Daley, also a Project Manager at Argo and a graduate of the CTS at the University of Illinois, discussed how not all translation companies are created equally in terms of values, taking advantage of new technology and internal culture. He also did a brief demonstration of how he shows customers value by properly utilizing a client’s translation memory and how he subsequently reports those savings to the client via transparent proposals.

Mike VanNorman, a 2014 CTS graduate and project manager at Argo, discussed how to correctly reference and use software lists in the translation of user’s manuals and documentation. He also did a demo of how he uses a particular software package within Argo’s Translation Management System to reduce cost and timelines by segregating and eliminating repetitive content from translation projects.

The day concluded with Patrick Moseley’s presentation on how he handles multimodal projects. The 2016 CTS graduate explained how proper management of these projects requires juggling multiple resources like voiceover talent, studio rental, studio engineers, translators, editors, and the functional review team.

The day was a huge success. Bringing together CTS faculty, students and practitioners in the field stimulated great discussion and opportunities for all to learn different points of view in the industry.

About the CTS
The Center for Translation Studies at the University of Illinois emphasizes the integration of theory and practice. In the MA and certificate programs, the CTS approaches translation studies both as an interdisciplinary academic discipline and as a professional practice. For more information, visit the departmental website.