Why Businesses Should Consider Translation Services as an Investment

Most small businesses don’t intend to stay small forever. They have big dreams to expand and grow. They want to be household brands someday and be known internationally.

But before any company can spread its wings and venture into global markets, they need to be prepared to face the reality that selling to international customers and communicating with foreign partners will require them to effectively communicate with a new market who may speak an entirely different language.

Reaching Global Markets

Bringing your business to foreign shores is no easy feat. Companies just like yours that already exist in the country’s local scene will have a competitive edge because they speak the local language and therefore, can connect with your target audience better. While this can be daunting, it doesn’t mean that you can no longer compete.

As an innovative business owner, you’ll be challenged to present your product on a new stage and find ways to communicate the value of your product, and express your brand’s mission and vision.

But how?

Marketing In a New Language

By investing in translation services, you can successfully market your brand in any language. You can globalize your website and advertising materials to ensure that they will be understood by your new target audience.

Translation services aren’t just reserved for companies who sell a product but also for those industries that offer services. From travel and hospitality to public relations to legal and financial, your business can reach global shores when equipped with the ability to communicate effectively.

To reach a new demographic, you need to understand more than just the country’s language but also respect their culture. This is where machine translation often fails. While MT software can directly translate text, it cannot capture the unique qualities of a language such as dialect, context, or slang. Machines are simply not complex and insightful enough to recognize idioms or metaphors. Directly translating could potentially offend the party you are trying to communicate with or relay an utterly inaccurate message.

Because marketing material is meant to be compelling, a direct translation of your marketing copy may not be as effective in capturing the interest of new markets. A translation service would be able to take your advertising materials and translate them into a copy that not only relays your message accurately but in a context that makes sense. And because qualified humans speak the language fluently, they know how to communicate your message in a manner that the intended market will find attractive.

And if your products come with elaborate instructions, direct translation may alter the exact directions. This can cause huge problems for you as it could ruin the reputation of your brand by causing consumers to assemble your product incorrectly or misuse it.

Globalize Your Website

Translation services can also globalize your website. Because your website is your business’s home base online and where most people researching your company will find you, it should be prepared to communicate with your target market and engage them. Accessibility to your website means accessibility to your products and services which ultimately means improved brand awareness and an increase in revenues.

In conclusion, investing in translation services means you’re ready to take your business to the next level. Cut costs by using a free machine translation software, and you could potentially lose clients rather than gain new ones. It’s better to invest in superior translations delivered by qualified humans than rely on software that could ruin the integrity of your brand’s message.


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