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An Easier Way to Translate Your Website

CMS Connect™ takes the heavy lifting out of your web content translation. Benefits include:

  • Connect your site directly to your translation team
  • No more manual file transfers
  • No extraction tools
  • Submit your projects through a personalized portal
  • Translators begin working almost immediately
  • Integrates with most popular content systems

How Argo's CMS Connect Plugin is a gamechanger

CMS Connect™ is a simple plugin that integrates with your existing content management system. Instead of relaying information constantly to your translation services provider, CMS Connect™ allows you to connect your site to translators and submit projects through a personalized web portal.

Get your translations done quickly and with far less effort. Seconds after you approve a page for translation, it moves directly into our production queue. Once the content is full translated and edited, the files are automatically sent back to the CMS. 

CMS Connect™ integrates with most major platforms. Need a custom solution? Not a problem. Our team will work with you make sure our connection to your system is flawless.

logo, argo translation, transparent, white

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