Bordeaux Wines and the Chinese Language

Christie’s Auction house took the initiative to establish standardized translation for Chinese names for the 61 classified Chateaux of the Bordeaux wine region.

I learned about this development on China has become an increasingly important market for wine producers from all over the world. This effort by Christie’s and the Bordeaux winemakers is noteworthy in that the group has cooperated to come up with posters and marketing collateral to distribute to the Chinese media and wine buyers. According to the article, wine producers from Sauternes and Burgundy will go through a similar effort soon.

I think this type of initiative can be emulated by other industries with more than just names of their respective companies. Wouldn’t it be great if entire industries made a concerted effort to standardize important terminology in their markets? Trade organizations would be an excellent resource to tackle an initiative like this. We work with multiple companies in the same industry, and it is incredible how different standard terminology can be from company to company even within the same industry.


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