Background Checks for Telephonic Interpreters

A prospective client recently asked if we perform background checks on our telephonic interpreters. This is a great question since in some instances our client might be involved in conversations with sensitive or confidential information.

We do indeed conduct background checks on all of the interpreters that contract with us. As part of the application process, we conduct a criminal background check prior to contracting with an interpreter or hiring a staff member.

We currently contract with a global provider of pre-employment background checks and screening services to verify certain information provided by the applicant on the interpreter application. The background check verifies whether or not the applicant has a valid social security number (where applicable), home address, criminal record, and if they are a registered sex offender.

We also expect applicants to provide one personal and two professional references. Additionally, we require drug testing for all potential candidates. This information complies with Joint Commission’s HR.01.02.05, in a hospital setting, the hospital verifies staff qualifications, EP 1- EP 6.

Our solution is also EU Safe Harbor Certified.

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