Argo Translation supports charity: water

As translators, we spend our time trying the make connections between the diverse and disparate ways that people describe the world around them. For instance, take the words : agua, 水, νερό, पानी. These words look nothing alike, but the meaning underlying them is perhaps the most universal component of life on Earth and an essential part of the human experience. They all mean water.

When you learn a new language, this is often one of the first words you learn because it is so fundamental to our day to day lives. But for upwards of 660 million people, getting access to clean water is much harder than searching through a phrase book to find a sentence like “Je voudrais un verre d’eau”. That is why Argo has decided to participate in charity: water’s campaign to make clean water accessible to everyone.

So far Argo has donated more than $600 to help people get access to clean water which has profound impacts on a community’s health, education and the empowerment of women. We chose charity: water because of the extraordinary work they do as well as their institutional values. Their operating budget is independently provided meaning that 100% of our donation goes toward the water initiative itself. Furthermore, they believe that simple and foundational changes make the most serious and lasting impact.

Here at Argo we are proud to help charity: water connect to the basics so that everyone can achieve more.