Argo Translation Releases New E-Book Series on the Value of Professional Translation Services

Argo Translation has released a new series of five e-books to help customers make informed decisions about purchasing professional translation services. The topics include telephonic interpretation, ten things to consider for translation projects, website translation, product information management, and building a translation glossary.

This e-book series was created to help businesses and individuals learn about the translation process and how to take advantage of the various services that Argo Translation provides to their clients. Each of these resources is meant to address specific issues that arise or challenges that are often encountered throughout translation projects. The e-books provide a clearer picture into the background of different issues, the options available, and how to overcome challenges.

“We are really excited about the release of these five e-books. These topics and the information included in these books is meant to give the translation buyer the information they need to select the right translation vendor for them,” says Jackie Lucarelli, Argo Translation Marketing Manager. “We always look to reduce friction in the translation process. The topics discussed in our “Top ten things to consider when launching a translation project” e-book is a must read for anyone interested in improving their translation efforts.”

Argo Translation is a full-service professional translation company that prides itself on a culture created by employees who are innovative, technologically savvy, and passionate about their work. Their team consists of senior-level professionals who have decades of experience in the translation industry. They are headquartered in Glenview, Illinois (just North of Chicago) and also operate a page production office in the Czech Republic. Argo’s translators and production staff are located across the globe.