Argo Translation, Inc. Offering Free “Sample RFP” for Translation Services

Argo Translation, Inc. announced today that they are offering a free sample Request for Proposal for Translation Services on the website. The document will be especially helpful to companies that have never issued an RFP for this type of service and need guidance in asking the proper questions.

There doesn’t appear to be any Language Service Providers (LSPs) in this industry that have offered a free resource like this sample RFP. Many companies new to purchasing this type of service don’t understand the proper questions to ask a vendor. Because of this, Peter Argondizzo, Argo Translation’s President, has decided to extend a free RFP for any company that may need to use it as a guideline when trying to find the perfect translation vendor.

Argondizzo says, “I have been answering RFP’s (Request for Proposal) for over 15 years and I have seen far too many really intelligent people working for really great companies focus on the wrong parameters for evaluating the cost of working with translation vendors. Far too often the emphasis of the RFP is on the cost per word for each language” Argondizzo continues, “If you are interested in selecting high quality translators using technology that will help you reduce your translation expenses over time you should consider using questions that will highlight core competencies and differentiate between vendors responses. I believe the sample RFP we are providing will help customers get this very valuable information.”

To obtain a free copy of this Sample RFP for Translation services, please visit the Argo Translation website here.