Argo Translation, Inc. Now Offering Telephonic Interpretation Service

Argo Translation, Inc. announced today that they are offering a telephonic interpretation service that will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 180 languages. This phone service will be especially helpful to companies that need to communicate in a foreign language quickly and frequently.

With this new system in place, the process will be as simple as assigning each client their own toll-free number and personalized access code. The client will then be able to call the number and access thousands of interpreters to assist them with their interpretation needs. Connection to a qualified interpreter is available in 25 seconds or less. This is all available for a fixed affordable rate.

Managing Director Peter Argondizzo says, “We are excited to bring this service to our current clients as well as potentially gaining new business because of this service. Telephonic interpretation plays a large role in the medical and manufacturing industries and we are hoping to help bridge any communication gaps. Any company that conducts business internationally will benefit from this service.” Argondizzo continues, “We are providing the service at a low fixed rate. The minutes of usage will accrue over the course of the month and a detailed monthly invoice will list all of the clients’ calls.”