04.12.2012 by Tamara Wagner

Argo Translation, Inc. Launches Redesigned Machine Translation Service, ArgoMT

Argo Translation, Inc. is proud to unveil a new user interface for their machine translation service, ArgoMT. ArgoMT was released in December of 2011. Early customer feedback called for easier navigation. Argo’s development team created a more visually appealing design and easier to use flow for projects through the system. Development plans include support of more files types including XML, HTML, Adobe InDesign, and mobile platform files (iPhone, Blackberry, Android).

The service was created to help customers with low-risk documents who need an inexpensive translation option with a fast turnaround. ArgoMT is a simple service. All the client needs to do is upload a document, select the languages, approve the cost, and within minutes the final files are delivered.

Peter Argondizzo, Managing Director of Argo Translation, says, “The redesign of ArgoMT was crucial to expanding our clientele. We monitored our customer’s behaviors and we realized quickly how effective an attractive and user-friendly web design can be for success.” Argondizzo continues, “We are very excited about ArgoMT and we think the new design and user-friendly interface gives us a strong position in this fast-growing niche within the translation industry. We think the service is incredibly easy to use and we hope the rest of the world will love it too!”

To view the ArgoMT solution, please visit the website http://www.argomt.com or see a video about the service on the ArgoMT website, http://www.argomt.com/2012/04/04/new-demo-of-argomt-machine-translation-platform/.