Argo Translation, Inc. Announces Client Savings Since 2007

Glenview, IL- March 1, 2011– Since 2007 Argo Translation has been able to save their clients over 3 million dollars due to translation memory matches. The Argo Translation team is very proud of the fact that they have eliminated over 14 million words worth of cost for their clients over the last four years alone.

Argo recently redesigned the data in their estimates to include an analysis of how many hours of translator and proofreader time is required for a project. This is a part of the continuing effort at Argo to provide more transparency to clients via meaningful estimates and comprehensive quarterly and annual reports. On each quarterly report, the client can view how much money they are saving due to repetitions and translation memory matches. This information helps clients when budgeting for translation services.

Current President and Operations Manager of Argo Translation, Peter Argondizzo, is excited about this information. Argondizzo explains, “I know these numbers are hard to quantify in terms of effort but if you think of that volume of work in terms of hours of translator time a conservative estimate would value that work at almost 64,000 hours of work that was eliminated. “ He added, “We are continuing to develop new and innovative solutions to help our clients save as much time and money as possible while still providing high quality translation. We are looking forward to seeing these savings increase over the next 3 years as we continue to refine our workflow.”