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Argo Releases Real-Time Translation Memory Access for Clients

Many of our clients create frequent updates to their documentation, websites or software applications. Because of this, transparency throughout the translation process is extremely important and translation memory is a cornerstone of that process. Argo has been providing our clients with the cost and time saving benefits inherent to translation memory databases for over 20 years.

In a effort to make this tool even more beneficial, Argo customers now have the ability to access their company’s translation memory database and search for previously translated sentences from previous projects. This is very helpful when clients are handling smaller updates and might need just one or two sentences from a previously translated project.

“Allowing our clients to access and search their translation memory is a really valuable tool. One of our goals has always been to maximize the value of previously translated content for our customers. This new ability will save our clients valuable time and money on their tiny update projects. I can see this tool providing a lot of value to the software engineers and graphic designers we work with. Sometimes you just need that one string or sentence to complete a project. This tool will make that happen in real-time.”  – Peter Argondizzo, Argo Translation

The search tool allows clients to search the entire translation memory or just search at the project level to really narrow the results. Once you locate the content you are looking for you can pick and choose which segments to export to an Excel file.

Our customer can also perform the following tasks via the tool:

  • Locate information between multiple resources
  • Quickly replace a word or segment within multiple resources
  • Change translation statuses on the fly
  • Flag erroneous translations
  • Allow client reviewers to propose translations for their documents
  • Filter on custom fields and labels to easily find the right information
  • Bookmark items for future reference
  • Add labels and properties

The translation memory search tool provides a time-saving way to search segments, find words, and make changes with ease regardless of where they are located in the system.

You can see a short video demo of the tool in action here: