Argo releases monthly billing feature

We have quite a few customers that launch multiple translation projects each day creating a lot of excess paperwork in the form of sales orders and invoices for each project. We needed to make this easier for our clients!

In an effort to reduce this clutter for our customers we have just released a new monthly billing feature.* The service is very simple. We still use our project delivery system to provide you with a secure web-based location for your source files, translated files and delivery report for each and every project. The only difference is that upon completion, each project is placed in a queue for invoicing at the end of the month.

At the end of the month all invoices are placed in a secure folder in PDF format along with a summary PDF that includes each invoice as a line item along with a total dollar amount for the activity for the whole month. Our clients can now enter one line item for payment and use the supporting materials as required by their accounting or billing departments.