Two of our core values are keeping it simple and always looking for innovative solutions to customer issues. Both of those values came into play last month when our team developed a brand new invoice format for our telephonic interpretation customers.

Our previous invoice for telephonic interpretation services was far from simple and way too difficult to understand! The new format has all of the information you need in one simple document. Here is a look at the three main parts of the invoice.

1. Telephonic interpretation cost per language – This section shows a pie chart of the amount spent by language as well as a table showing the total number of minutes and cost by language.

2. Total monthly telephonic interpretation cost – This section shows how much money the organization is spending per month. This is a nice tool to use for budgeting.

3. Detailed list of each call – This is a list of each and every call made during the month. This section will also highlight any of the special information you request us to collect for each call.

Thanks to all of you who provided feedback about our previous invoice format.

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